Boogie Parquet


BOOGIE OCEAN and BOOGIE WOODY parquet consists of left and right element when are combined when making. 

Each element is made in two different thicknesses:

  • 7 mm and 18 mm.

The thicker element (thickness 18 mm) is laid on the principle of tongue and groove joint, because he is providing stability and reducing the activity of wood and thus prevents deformation of the parquet.
Slimmer elements (thickness 7 mm) are made without a tongue and groove joint, so when laying recommend using stronger two-component adhesives. Such parquet is particularly suitable for rooms with underfloor heating.

Wood flooring is produced in the following types of wood:

  • oak,
  • beech,
  • cherry,
  • maple,
  • walnut
  • and others.
With combinations of different types of wood you can achieve interesting contrasts and effects, as you can see from the sample images in the gallery below.
We enable customers to put in their own ideas and taste and choose the combination of laminate flooring for your space.


Maintenance is the same as for all types of classic parquet. So even for BOOGIE parquet is required to maintain the premises in humidity levels of 50-60%.


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