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flooring for your living room, hall, dining room ...
We are a young company that, among other deals with innovations in the field of floorboards. The product of our company, which at this point we also present, is BOOGIE parquet, which gives the floor a fresh, dynamic and modern look and allows clients to work with the given elements of parquet colors and shapes, arrange the soil of their choice.
The company has developed and protected two floorboards. Models are registered in the Office for Intellectual Property under No. M-200550013 and for Europe. And are the unique example in Europe.
The BOOGIE Company offers services of design, supplies and sales, to installation of our parquet and other wood flooring of all types and other floor coverings.
  • PVC,
  • gum,
  • laminates,
  • textiles,
  • and more ...


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